Good Karma Store - Slough

'Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.' ~ Mark Twain

Good Karma store Slough


Good Karma Store, Address

 Queensmere Observatory Shopping Centre, Slough SL1 1LN

In today's time, kindness is a language which the world needs the most. We believe everybody deserves to have a good pair of clothing. The Good Karma store is a wonderful initiative by Go Dharmic where you can shop for beautiful, pre-loved party and bridal clothing.

While everyone is focusing on living a luxury and comfortable life, there are still others around who have a desire to bring happiness in the life of others! Would you like to bring a smile to someone's face while supporting a worthy cause and giving back to society ever crossed your mind? If yes, here’s a wonderful initiative for you that speaks of making a big difference by making your pre-loved party/bridal clothing accessible to multiple beneficiaries. 

With ‘Good Karma Store’ you can be rest assured that your donations of pre-loved party/bridal clothing, many of which may have only been worn once will be offered at up to 70% off what they were purchased for, with 100% of the proceeds going to support all Go Dharmic causes.

In an attempt to strengthen the bonds of community, the sharing works of charity demonstrated by the ‘Good Karma Store’ are aimed largely at tackling social problems, improving people’s life chances, and reducing environmental footprint.

What started off as a simple fundraising event four months back in Slough with a comparatively smaller number of volunteers has now taken a turn for greatness! All the profit garnered is donated towards Go Dharmic’s various projects through compassion in action and selfless service.

The store fully embodies slow and circular fashion where its products bring no environmental or socio-economic harm but instead contribute to positive development and well-being of fellow humans by eliminating potential environmental waste, promoting reuse and recycling and uniting the principles of both sustainability and circularity!